Now that kindergarten registration has taken place, I want to inform you all how Kiddy Kollege is working together with the Ministry of Education to ease the transition for your child. Under the Ministry of Education, all licensed child care programs are play based. What this means is that our staff are working hard to provide your child with a rich and diverse learning environment. We continue to offer many different play centres such as craft, reading, blocks, playdough, etc. but play is directed by the child’s interest. While your child may not choose to complete a craft for example on a given day, be assured that we are engaging your child in what sparks his/her interest. Please feel free to discuss with Vicki if you have any questions.

Family Day Holiday! Kiddy Kollege will be closed Monday, February 15th for Family Day.

Valentine’s Day: We will enjoy Valentine’s Day activities during the whole week of February 8 – 11. If your child chooses to send Valentines to their friends, the attached list includes the children’s names and the days they attend.